Suitable for Stock & Pet feed use only.

Meat and bone meal is the dried and dehydrated product from mammal tissues. It does not contain horn, hair, hide trimmings, manure, stomach contents, added blood meal or poultry by-product. The calcium content should not be more than 2.2 times the phosphorus content. A calcium content higher than this indicates additional calcium from a source other than bone. The protein in meat and bone meal is degraded relatively slowly in rumen. Meat bone meal can be fed as a protein source. It may be included in the grain mix at a rate of up to 5 percent or fed at up to 1 ½ pounds (0.68 kg) per cow per day. It is not very palatable and should be introduced into the ration gradually.

Typical Analysis of Meat and Bone Meal

Dry Matter 92%
Crude Protein 50%
Crude Fibre 02.5%
Ash 2%
Fat 09.5%
Neutral Detergent Fibre -- %
Acid Detergent Fibre -- %
Calcium 10.1%
Phosphorus 04.8%
Total Digestible Nutrients 65.3%
Net Energy - Lactation 68.1 Mcal/100 lbs

Microbiological Requirements

All meals are commercially sterile and free of microbes such as bacteria.


Meat and Bone Meal


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