Up to 50% of global food production is discarded

We reduce this senseless waste of precious resources by turning organic material into high quality dried foods.

Australian dehydrated foods achieves this in the following three ways:

  • Recover protein and other nutrients from organic material that would otherwise go to landfill, for example restaurant byproducts and fast food organics are turned into stockfeed and pet food.
  • Address the need to dehydrate organic material that does not make it to market, for example, fresh fruit and vegetables, direct from growers. The fruit and vegetable fibre produced is suitable for both human and stockfeed purposes. Most of the organics from this source are byproducts from human grade juicing plants.
  • Challenge existing animal byproduct rendering operations with a solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective for producers of this waste. This alternative allows the producer to process their own byproducts onsite. Byproducts that were previously considered too small to justify capital expenditure to process are now value added revenue streams.

ADF is a wholly owned Australian company, using proprietary dehydration technology to extract nutrient value and recover protein from dozens of organic materials, sourced from Australia. We work directly with growers and producers of organic material ensuring the freshest and highest quality inputs, enabling us to make the highest quality dried foods.

If there is an organic material that is naturally grown in Australia, we source it and dehydrate it to meet the buyers requirements and specifications, in addition to being able to combine a number of inputs creating a homogenous dry meal product. We do not use chemicals or fillers in any of our products and buyers receive 100% of the product they order, nothing more.


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